“second face” double-layer mask, Luooif Studio released its 2020 spring and summer collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week

The LUOOIFSTUDIO brand will hold the S/S2020 Spring/Summer New Product Launch Conference on October 11, 2019 at 8:30 pm in Los Angeles, USA. Adhering to the core idea of ​​the luooifstudio brand—freedom and independence, and its unique psychedelic style, we will meet you again and bring you new visual feasts and sensory enjoyment.

Luooifstudio is a new designer brand in London. The Chinese original meaning is Luo. The so-called Iraqi people, the meaning of the water side. The brand style is mainly based on psychedelic and ethereal style, telling a dream that lies between reality and psychedelic, and a story of courage and utmost life. In the luooifstudio, you can see the naughty but elegant shadows like elves, inadvertently surprise you, thus running through the soul line of the whole style celebrity dresses.

Luooif Studio focuses not only on the details of the clothing. “I am convinced that the details of the costumes will speak, the fabrics are in love, and the main ones are fabrics,” said Luloifstudio’s chief designer, Lenaloffurzzi. If the costume designer is the sculptor of the human body, then the details of the garment and the fabric are the skin of the human body and the exquisite official capacity, which are indispensable. The brand’s originality is not just about cutting and formatting. More important is the fabric, the details of the clothing match. “LuooifStudio’s clothing, her fabrics and details are more like the soul of the clothing soul” “The founder of Barjis London read LuooifStudio.”

LUOOIFSTUDIO’s quarterly “fiction” has always been serialized. After the “big gambling” CASINO of the last quarter, telling a suspense emotional adventure story of “risk it all”, the designer started from the “Twins & Mirror” inspiration. Going to find another person who exists in the world of UPSIDE DOWN is like a mirrored world of twins. It seems to be real and illusory, just like a person’s multifaceted, suffocating, as if everyone is wearing it. They have been preparing the “second layer mask” to swim in the dust, but they have lost the most authentic and lovely themselves in another mirror world. This time we set off with a mask to find our true “true face”. This time, unlike the past, LUOOIFSTUDIO will change the previous fairy powder temperament and attackable suits and suits, and transform into a large multi-element, large-bodied boss, which will be on the evening of October 11, 2019. I will meet you at 8:30.
“Wan Zi Qian Jin” and “Extraordinary Air” are the mainstays of this quarter. A large number of spiral ruffles and LUOOIFSTUDIO have always insisted on the small hips, the S-arc design of the small waist and the unique leisure and partial movement elements of this quarter, from which the chic, noble and struggling The elements of resistance, harmony and so on echo the theme of the “second face”. In this theme, we use more clothing carriers to express the characteristics and nature of their struggle, disharmony and finally all tolerance. S/S 2020 is a year of struggle and struggle for many people. From the humanity: the double face mask “second face” can be found, many false masks are torn by the society, many hidden ambitions They have all been enlarged to the light and shadow, and the struggles and struggling upwards of Linlin will be recorded as the nutrients of LUOOIFSTUDIO S/S 2020. The color of this season is very strong, from gold and purple to Bruce Blue and then from Bruce Blue to champagne white, the strong contrast of colors and the strong color collision make the audience want to stop.

In addition to adhering to the purpose of LUOOIFSTUDIO this season – fabric features, this quarter, in addition to retaining a large number of ‘threaded’ erected panels, we have added more focus on the design of multi-faceted wear. It is not difficult to see in this quarter that a lot of clothes can be worn upside down in this quarter, and the inside and outside are reversed and worn. Many body parts can display different beauty to show the curvature of the human body and show the most beautiful power curve, and add the “Gangyang” element to the resilience of the original version. LUOOIFSTUDIO, which has always been a strong sense of sensation, has more tension and appeal in this quarter. The overall architecture and mix will be relatively mature and stable.

The choice of fabrics is basically all environmentally friendly new fabrics. This special thanks to the enthusiasm of Japanese fabrics, specially created a unique fabric for our S/S 2020 theme, due to the need to highlight the theme of this quarter. We put a large number of satin composite suiting fabrics, satin and knitted environmentally friendly mesh in the series, calling out the customer’s spiritual requirements for beauty, luxurious and ethereal, beautiful and graceful, sexy without transparency, temptation without short skirts. This is the inspiration and purpose of this design. This series is mainly to extract elements from the mirror and reverse the world for re-creation, the left and right no team, struggling and other classic elements to extract the shape into the clothing, the big in the outline of the clothes, the collar and other details, the left is On the right side of the suit is a dress, and the collar of the suit is also the lady’s noble Laffer collar. However, the metal texture is used as an embellishment. It is not too eye-catching, but it is often indispensable. Therefore, in some details such as the buckle belt, more metal materials will be used. The accessories echo the elements of the glitter, psychedelic and twins on the mirror elements.

The biggest highlight of Luooifstudio is its brand positioning and endurance. Unlike other brands, the focus is more on the story of the costume. Each quarter is like a TV series. The end of the episode leads to the story of the next quarter. “I hope that luooifstudio will bring you all the time.” Not only clothes, but more stories, I hope they have souls, so Luooifstudio chooses to use movies to elaborate costumes. They will be episodes in one episode, then each episode will be accompanied by a script for a quarter. It is not the inspiration of the person but the real psychological process of a person. Luooifstudio defines it as a person more than a brand, “She will grow up with us to grow old and make clothes for our whole life.” I believe that many people will resonate, and each episode will find the epitome of everyone in it. “The main designer, lensoffoffzzi, said.

At the press conference, we were fortunate enough to join the AETIUCHAN, a fun shoe designer, on the shoe accessories and bring it to the stage. Also on the same stage, Taiwanese jewellery designer WILLIAM is the jewellery collocation and sponsor. . Luooifstudio’s public number has more information about the partners and detailed information can be read by yourself. I look forward to the twin effects and enjoyment that LUOOIFSTUDIO will bring.

39-year-old wearing a country style can also have a girly feeling, girls are sour

Kong Xiaozhen’s new drama “Camellia Open” fell in love with a small 10-year-old milk dog, and there is no sense of disobedience!
Recently, the Korean drama “Camellia Open” is nearing the end. With the development of the plot, the ratings have risen in South Korea. Now it has far surpassed the idol drama and soared to the top of the TV drama list. I have to say that Kong Xiaozhen saved the reputation of a play with solid acting skills.

Since the debut of Kong Xiaozhen, in addition to the box office guarantee of the iron shovel, it also has an excellent audience. Even if there is no new work in two years, it will still be able to set off a chase after another return. From the appearance, O’Neill looks so ugly, there is a little “plain”, but no piece of work is over the street.

This drama is quite interesting. It happened in a small mountain village with the characteristics of matriarchal society. Not only did the inheritance belong to women, but even the most famous sauce crab craftsmanship was passed down. But everything was broken because Kong Xiaozhen played the female lord’s camellia. She looked as pitiful as camellia and attracted pity.

Let the men look at it, the girls are sour. The male master is Jiang He, who has just retired from the army. He plays the little wolf dog police in the play. He can catch the thief who steals the motorcycle on the side of the road. The taxi can also catch the plagiarism celebrity dresses .

Camellia opened a home wine house in a beautiful small village. When it first opened, it attracted many male patrons in the village. The world’s aunts naturally could not understand the camellia, and they were jealous, cold-eyed and ridiculed. Therefore, I have married a man, and I have seen this drama. I know that Jiang He’s young man is more and more cute!

Even if Kong Xiaozhen is a single mother who is 10 years older than the male owner, it doesn’t look like it, but it is already 39 years old. She still exudes a natural girly feeling, and her acting skills are natural and not artificial.

The style of the play is quite a girl’s style, the bib pants, the twists and the small florals, which perfectly interpret the feeling of love in the country. Even the floral dresses are worn by such a girl, and O’Neill’s ability to control is really strong.

Kong Xiaozhen is simply a girl wearing a suit how to wear the best looking walking spokesperson, gray suit jacket with purple high collar, neutralized the neutrality of the suit, a little more feminine, plus a messy fluffy micro curls There are very French women who are rushing.

Wearing a retro color does not forget to add a sky blue scarf to maintain the color balance, plus a not very delicate makeup, although slightly seen the age of the skin state, but lived a non-replicable personality.

In addition to “Camellia Open”, O’Neill’s new movie “The Most Common Love” is also in Korea. This is a romantic comedy about the love and hate between 30 generations of men and women.

There is a non-aggressive juvenile face, looks like Li Zhongshuo?

Friends who care about Yang Mi should know that Jia Xing Media, the company where Yang Mi is located, has also won many artists in recent years, and has also continued to sign many new faces. Recently, he also signed a female artist, which immediately aroused the attention of the whole network. !

This is the female artist who signed the new contract of Jiaxing. Looking at the photo of this son? Are you a girl? This young lady named Liu Meng is a real girl! It is often dressed in a neutral style, with a super high face value and the appearance of a Korean flower celebrity dresses.

Liu Meng also disclosed the news on Weibo himself. On November 1st, he announced that he officially joined Jiaxing Xinrui and has passed Sina certification. When the news came out, the pot was blasted. I blinked and wondered if I had read it wrong. Xiaobian once again told everyone that she was a girl. Some people said that she looks like Li Zhongshuo. What do you think?

Liu Meng is a single eyelid with white skin. It seems to be completely Korean brother Xiaozi, and the Korean male master’s hairstyle and part-time coach is hopeless. Is this girl even so handsome this year?

The type of Liu Meng is different from that of Yang Mi’s artists. It is obviously different from the sweet wind of Di Lieba. It is a neutral wind, sweet and salty, and soft. Coupled with a juvenile face that is not aggressive, there is no need to talk about thousands of girls in an instant!

Put on a boyfriend’s school uniform, who said that it is not a pure man of the Japanese campus, can directly become a publicity photo of the campus idol drama, simply “boyfriend max”, plus 170cm height, thin body and face, or Taekwondo seed players, Let the young ladies exclaim awsl.

What is even more unexpected is that Liu Meng actually has a twin sister named Liu Wei, who looks almost exactly like her. It is silly to see photos.

Such genes are actually “in duplicate”. Both of them are also shaking nets. Before they signed the contract, Liu Meng has already become famous on social media. There are more than 4.8 million in vibrato. Fans, known as the “first handsome lady”.

The photos of the two are based on the “handsome duo”, and there is also the advantage of the value of men and women. With “positive too”, it is an instant turning of thousands of girls, as long as they are impressive, I want to go out. It’s very difficult, I have to say that Jiaxing’s choice is really a good one!

Wearing a baseball cap and a little hip-hop feeling, the sweater with a plaid shirt makes Liu Meng look very young!

Over half a hundred years of brave 闯 model circle, hair is white but the muscles are solid, with a photo to the network?

Although some people say that young people are capital, they have to admit that some people are more and more tasteful. Even if they are old, they are still “stunned to slag”. Let us take a look!

Ron Jack Foley from Toronto, Canada, is 51 years old. When he saw him, he knew what age is just a number. This muscle is comparable to a young man. He is still brave in the model circle for half a year. Facing this uncle who has white hair but strong muscles, netizens They all got sour lemon.

A silver wavy hair, manicured beard, let Ron Jack Foley look like a god out of Greek mythology, with a cool photo to make him popular social network, career is more prosperous, the modeling industry’s “up-and-coming star” .

With the vicissitudes of the years, and the retro and elegant temperament, there is no sign of middle-aged blessing, people can not help but admire the uncle is really handsome, the temperament of the body is only available after years, with small fresh meat is not ordinary celebrity dresses.

Before being a model, he was always a good architect. Before he got married, he also worked as a bartender. Since the social platform fired, Ron Jack Foley immediately won many invitations for print advertising.

As a newcomer to the modeling world, he also received a big invitation from Haagen-Dazs, Volvo and other big-name shooters. It is really a rising star in the modeling world, and he also played the latest season of “American Gods”!

As a real uncle, in his fifties, he is so handsome every day that he likes all kinds of sports. He has a good body and has a body that is thin and undressed and has become a favorite in the fashion industry.

Also praised as the real version of King Kong, the hobby besides fitness is to smoke cigars and drink whiskey, and casually make an action that makes people feel just right.

If you think that the uncle who is too handsome is not reliable, then he is not only a super-loving wife, but also a super-pampered daughter, and a family of dad.

Also the Irish and Finnish uncle, Orlando Hobechi, is now the UK’s hottest flat male model with a deep gaze, short hair and a well-trimmed beard add a lot of temperament.

Now 50-year-old Orlando Hobechi, wearing a floral top has a temperament of years, and a retro atmosphere, showing a strong chest muscles, properly showing the maturity and taste of the old man, just a street shot The king.

Over half of these uncles still show their charm in their own unique way, properly undressing and fleshy, dressing is thin, really older and more charming!

“HEXATRON Light Forest Matrix” shines in Chengdu, China style meets international fashion

On November 6th, the “HEXATRON Light Forest Matrix” large-scale sound and light theme exhibition was launched in Chengdu IFS (full name “Chengdu International Financial Center”). The magnificent hexagonal sound and light device was in the aftermath of the 2018 American Fireman Festival. To the world’s first exhibition. Opening Ceremony of the Theme Exhibition – The second “Chinese Style in Chengdu StyleFest Chengdu” theme fashion week co-sponsored by Chengdu IFS and Yan Huasheng Media Group launched at the same time, fully demonstrating the collision of Chinese style and international fashion. The glamour sound and light link to the trendy experience, offering a feast for the fashion of Chengdu.

“HEXATRON Light Forest Matrix” shines in Chengdu

Actor Wang Continental, Zhang Xueying, Song Zuer, Wu Xiaomin, idol singer UNINE Guan, actor and fashion anchor Li Siyu came to the scene, and the creator of “HEXATRON Light Forest Matrix” – famous American artist Mark K. Lottor, Chengdu IFS Feng Chuxuan, the editor-in-chief of the Huasheng Media Group, witnessed the light and shadow of HEXATRON in the strong music rhythm, and jointly launched the second “Chinese style in Chengdu StyleFest Chengdu” theme fashion week celebrity dresses.

“HEXATRON Light Forest Matrix” blooms

The “HEXATRON Light Forest Matrix”, when it was first exhibited at the 2018 American Fireman’s Day, which assembled tens of thousands of creative pioneers, triggered a sensation in the Internet and became a phenomenal event on mainstream social media. And this debut in Chengdu, the special custom sound and light effects will also bring a unique surprise to the public.

In HEXATRON’s versatile light, Chengdu IFS and Yan Huasheng Media Group teamed up with well-known brands such as Edition, TASAKI, PRONOVIAS and Roger Vivier to launch the latest wave of East and West fashions. The Edition 2019 Winter Collection showcased the ingenuity. Classic design, TASAKI, PRONOVIAS, and Roger Vivier jointly present the “Ocean Wedding Style Show”. TASAKI brings the 2019 new Atelier series of high-end jewelry to the national first show, sparkling beautiful artistic inspiration.

TASAKI, PRONOVIAS, and Roger Vivier work together to portray the secrets of ocean weddings.

Mark K. Lottor also shared HEXATRON’s creative concept on the spot. He said that HEXATRON is presented in a hexagonal shape because the hexagon is one of the most extensive and stable structures in nature, with mysterious power.

HEXATRON is a 27-meter-diameter giant forest of light. It consists of 486 pillars of up to 6 meters. The infinite variety of light and shadow forms a strong sense of fashion and futuristic. The device creates a 360-degree surround sound through multiple changes of sound and light. The public walks into this interactive space, and can feel the powerful energy brought by light from all directions.

“Chinese style in Chengdu” shows fashion charm

At the same time, the “Chinese Style in Chengdu StyleFest Chengdu” Fashion Week, with the theme of “Glow in Style”, focused on the styles of international fashion brands and Chinese independent designer works, directly hit the new generation of Z generation, bringing more to Chengdu. Fresh, more cutting-edge fashion experience. In HEXATRON’s walk-in sound and light experience scene, the public can enjoy the glamorous trend of the product at a close distance, enjoy shopping spree, but also walk into it, show their own style, become part of the device flow change.

During the four-day event, Chengdu IFS and Yanhuasheng Media Group will jointly integrate over 30 internationally renowned brands such as Bottega Veneta, Brunello Cucinelli, Edition, Polo Ralph Lauren Children, PRONOVIAS, Roger Vivier, TASAKI and TOM FORD BEAUTY. Through the “Universal T Gravity” Chinese style in Chengdu, the opening dinner, star preview, line ceiling store and other fashion events, witness the gorgeous fashion of global fashion and Chinese style in Chengdu.

From November 6th, the Chengdu IFS “Cloud Style” line will be on the line, and a limited number of new products will be launched in the world of limited time stores, from beauty, jewelry, fashion to technology, and multiple surprises. Upgrade the consumer’s shopping experience.

The “HEXATRON Light Forest Matrix” large-scale sound and light theme exhibition continues to shine for three and a half months. Chengdu IFS will also launch a series of interesting and enthusiastic activities in HEXATRON, including influx of people, sound and light fairs, and invite the public “Walk into The Light is coming from the light, and it shows its unique charm in the change of sound and light.

Chengdu IFS (full name: Chengdu International Financial Center), located in the core business district of Hongxing Road in downtown Chengdu, is the intersection of the two most prosperous main roads (Hongxing Road and Daci Temple Road). It is the most international city in western China. The complex has a total construction area of ​​over 760,000 square meters, including a flagship shopping mall of 210,000 square meters, a super-class office building of 275,000 square meters, a Niccolo hotel with approximately 230 rooms, and 7.6 10,000 square meters of Guojin Haoting Serviced Apartments. Chengdu IFS is the world leader in architectural design. In 2016, it was awarded the “VIVA Design and Development Award” by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), becoming the first commercial real estate project in China to receive the highest honor in the world. In 2019, Chengdu IFS won a 13th Cannes Heavent Awards “Sports, Culture, Education” for a series of international events with the “International Friendly Streets” of Le Comite Saint Germain des Pres. The “Award for Entertainment and Entertainment” award is the only finalist and winner in the Asia Pacific region.

Chengdu IFS Flagship Shopping Center has over 300 stores, including more than 100 brands that have entered the Southwest for the first time or Chengdu, and has gathered many international top fashion brands, jewelry and watch brands, fashion apparel brands, children’s apparel products, Lane Crawford, Ice Delight. The skating rink, UA IMAX cinema, and different flavors of restaurants and global food courts allow you to enjoy an internationally diverse life without the “city”. Chengdu IFS will always adhere to the concept of Innovate innovation, Fabulous extraordinary, Share sharing, and constantly inject new vitality into the city.

About Yuhuasheng Media Group

Yan Huasheng is a multi-dimensional lifestyle and fashion content industry platform. Since its inception, Yan Huasheng’s business core focuses on “content production and creativity brought by technology”, adheres to “superb news professionalism and high standards of industry quality”, and uses international media platform as the entrance to “discover through different platforms”. Excavate and report in line with Chinese local culture and the Chinese people’s lifestyle.” Our ultimate goal is to “diversely provide consumers with quality stories and product reports, and become China’s quality head content platform.” Yan Huasheng’s media brands produce more than 240 high-standard magazine covers each year, producing more than 12,000 pages of original content and more than 6,500 original WeChat themes, insisting on original content production, adhering to excellent editorial quality, not doing Wikipedia. Content collection and collation reports.

At present, Yu Huasheng’s media brands include: “The New York Times Style Magazine China”, “The New York Times Travel Magazine”, “Files*” and “NYLON Nylon”; global niche lifestyle The Independent Publications Matrix and the Family and Family Consumption Upgrade Platform “SITT Community Conference” covers media brands “Kinfolk”, “Drift” and “Fathers Fathers and Sons Club”; Internet-formed products include Nylon App and Alternative App.

Punch card in in fashion week! Fashion trend creative brand F/FFFFFF “THE RED HOUSE” theme flash shop airborne magic capital

Break the rules and get rid of the constraints,

This is the way to the trend.

Change the public concept and accuse the universal aesthetic,

This is the attitude of F/FFFFFF.

As a fashion pioneer,

There is no shortage of loneliness in retrograde celebrity dresses.

Located in No. 534 Huaihai Zhong Road, Shanghai, Huaihai | Young Culture Center,

“Airborne” a THE RED HOUSE theme flash shop.

As a smart space for innovative experience retail and immersion art,

Advocating “Digital Digitization, Oasis Oasis, Urban City, X (Collaboration) Crossover”,

Building a new trend landmark for the core concept of sustainable urban development and the public,

It also provides a platform for mavericks.

Gathering artists, trendsetters, stars,

Together, the stars shine.

As the “creative” of this highly creative flash shop, Mr. Liu Jili, the chairman of the company, accepted an exclusive interview with the media. Hearing this has been “uneasy with the status quo” and has been creating a surprise for young people. What are you doing?

China Fashion Network: How did you think of creating a fashion trend creative platform like F/FFFFFF?

Mr. Liu Jili: This is a new concept, the purpose is to stand out in the market and stand out from the crowd. Innovative brand names, meanings, and connections to brands that include trendy people with unlimited exploration of the future.

China Fashion Network: What is the brand planning and philosophy of F/FFFFFF?

Mr. Liu Jili: The fashion trend is creative. Complain the public aesthetics, break the secular perspective, change the grey world without creative culture, and create surprises for young people.

China Fashion Network: F/FFFFFF will bring different feelings and experiences to today’s trend fans?

Mr. Liu Jili: We hope that F/FFFFFF will affect the trend of the people, and will consume because of quality, culture and creative design. The product gives the user a more dimensional experience and psychological satisfaction.

China Fashion Network: How does F/FFFFFF do cross-border, IP and artist joint products?

Mr. Liu Jili: We use non-traditional design methods with self-characteristics to crossover.

Replacing Chen Zhi’s clear sense of clarity with a unique personality and clear unity. With ease, style, personality, unique mix and play, and interesting street products, you can fully understand the modern design. And pursue the “tide + soft” attitude of life, like everything that is not formulated, with a taste of hedonism.

We will choose brands and partners with attitudes, but we must match the concept of F/FFFFFF.

Finally, Mr. Liu Jili said that there are only three days left in this flash shop. All the people who like the trend are welcome to come here to experience the fashion trend brought by F/FFFFFF. And also carefully prepared a small game, of course, prizes are indispensable. In short, as long as you come to the scene, you will not return empty-handed.

Can you buy accessories that modify your face? Get a brooch

Every autumn and winter season, the brooch is on the scene!

       Whether it’s a jacket or a sweater, it can be used to determine the quality of the wear!

       The most common brooch styles are logo styles and animal and plant styles. Many ladies and show heads like to wear logos of major luxury brands, such as CHANEL, which is extraordinarily classic~ simple and eye-catching and can enhance the style of fashion. degree celebrity dresses !
       Animal and plant styles are a bit more difficult to match, because they usually need to be combined with other brooch to form a harmonious picture.
       Or with accessories such as bracelets and rings, the overall look looks more harmonious, but it also allows you to make the most of your creativity and imagination!

       So hey, the fleshy girls have to learn to use the brooch as an accessory to embellish the costumes, maybe there is a different slimming and temperament effect!

I.t Shanghai Port Huilong Plaza store re-opened, izzue brand ambassador Chen Feiyu assisted ribbon-cutting ceremony

On November 3, 2019, the Shanghai Huigang Plaza Plaza opened again with a new look. The izzue brand ambassador, the new generation actor Chen Feiyu, the executive director of IT Group, the CEO of IT China, Mr. Chen Huijun and the general manager of Shanghai Port Huilong Plaza, Ms. Hu Huiya All of them were present at the opening ceremony, and they celebrated with the on-site guests to celebrate the fashion vitality of it.
Chen Feiyu dressed in a new collection of izzue autumn and winter series, with a simple but without losing the details of the black denim clothing debut, the first to interpret the trend of the season. With a new generation of actors, Beijing Film Academy, and other students, he is constantly pursuing the next possibility. On the road of persisting in exploration, he and izzue want to convey “Live it real izzue yourself, no more wastage in The concept of life, live life to the fullest coincides.
Chen Feiyu shared the story of himself and the izzue brand with the on-site media and guests, talked about wearing new ideas and new trends in the work, then went shopping, selected favorite seasonal fashion items, and at the end of the event, hand-made inkjet T-shirts to interpret themselves. Insights into fashion celebrity dresses.

It is located in Ganghui Plaza, and it has been refurbished for several months. Now it is decorated with chic display and brand new layout. The style of the store follows the consistent vitality of the store. The eye-catching LED scrolling adds a stylish atmosphere. . As a one-stop shopping collection store, it not only includes self-owned brands such as izzue, FIVE CM, b+ab, but also many imported brands such as DEUS EX MACHINA, ROMANTIC CROWN, STYLENANADA, etc. It also gathers Aape children’s wear series and trend lifestyle. The brand Baby Milo brings more surprises to shoppers.
About izzue

Since its inception in 1999, Hong Kong’s famous original brand izzue has been at the forefront of fashion design, from a local brand to an international fashion name with multiple secondary lines. In addition to the innovative brand image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the emphasis on self-creation and matching to highlight the personal style of design has won the recognition and pursuit of the fashion industry. Since 2002, izzue has been rushing out of Hong Kong as a projectile in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and SELFRIDGES, a prominent department store in Singapore, Canada, Dubai and the UK, becoming an international fashion. Brand. In February 2019, izzue first entered the world’s four major fashion weeks – London Fashion Week, and released its izzue 2019 autumn and winter men’s and women’s collections at its official home, becoming the first Hong Kong brand to enter the official London Fashion Week schedule, writing Hong Kong Another important milestone in the original fashion brand.

Yuan Yuguan declared himself as a friend of the brand, interpreting a different romance

The high-end hair accessories brand, Xunzi, and the brand’s friend Yuan Yu, performed the cover of the October edition of Modern Men’s “Men’s Wear”, and boldly interpret the inner romance with a brave attitude, presenting a different style of fashion.

       Without fear of definition, it becomes a unique charm

As a woman, Yuan Hao has a brave and flexible force. She is brave enough to face doubts and misunderstandings, and firmly believes that metamorphosis is a gift to the dark moment. She turned the controversy into a powerful force with a strong heart, and reborn with a brave and confident attitude celebrity dresses.

As an actor, Yuan Hao dared to break through the definition of the outside world and constantly polished the screenplay role of acting challenges. Jumping out of the beauty of the costumes, the role of “pancake man”, “old pub”, “Big Times” and other film and television works reveals Yuan Hao’s varied acting. In addition to the spotlights, Yuan Hao is equally fearless, fitness, diving, learning English, and constantly exploring different lifestyles.

Yuan Zhen’s brave heart and multi-temperament coincide with the philosophy conveyed by the brand of the scorpion – to tap into the unique romance of each woman, to jointly create a unique aesthetic of jewelry and explore more possibilities of fashion. As a brand-new friend, Yuan Hao will inject a youthful vibrancy into the scorpion, and on the unseen side, open a different romantic journey.

Together with Yuan Zhen and “Men’s Wear”, Xunzi boldly broke through the past style and performed the cover of the October issue. “Men’s Wear” is a comprehensive fashion magazine of the fashion media group. It is famous for its breakthrough scale and unconventional fashion style. It is in perfect harmony with the scorpion’s innovation and multi-fashionable fashion temperament. This time, Yuan Zhen’s modern and charming girl, with her delicate and delicate tweezers and retro-colored clothing, has a visual impact and presents the fashion side of the scorpion.

The scorpion products always use the natural design elements of flowers, birds, leaves, butterflies, etc., combined with the classic techniques of embroidery, weaving, beading, three-dimensional painting, etc., through the skill of the craftsman, the design manuscripts are reproducibly reproduced, and the most authentic Jewelry aesthetics.

In line with different costume styles, Yuan Hao chose the hand-made classic products of the scorpion: the magical environment, the vintage tribute and the flower language Alice series products to wear out. The illusion of the series is inspired by the fantasy forest at night. After the rain, the branches and flowers show a strange and undulating shape, emitting fascinating light in the night. The Magical Vision series innovatively replaces the traditional embroidery thread with copper wire, and presents a fascinating forest night with a fading copper wire with a shimmer. The stylist uses a magical butterfly side clip to embellish the high ponytail hairstyle, and the long tassel earrings sway in the ear to make the vintage look more intense. Yuan Yu used a subversive style to create a new scorpion temperament.

Bold breakthrough, interpretation of different romance

Romantic beauty is the classic style of the scorpion, but the style of the scorpion is never limited, and the wearing of the jewelry is not limited. Just as the beauty of women does not have to be limited. This time, together with the brand’s best friend Yuan Hao, the new high-end avant-garde fearless attitude is a new interpretation of the dice, a multi-faceted romantic definition that revitalizes women’s thousands of faces.

As an original designer brand specializing in high-end hair accessories, Xunzi has been adhering to the design elements of nature for nearly 20 years, combining the techniques of copper wire weaving, embroidery, crystal beading, and three-dimensional painting to continuously discover hair accessories and The unique aesthetic value of women is a unique romantic style. Scorpion will join hands with Yuan Hao to explore more unique and fascinating fashion aesthetics, and collide with different sparks of inspiration

Don’t come in the fall, “斩男装”? Pack hip skirt instantly makes your heart beat faster!

The autumn is coming, the little fairies are sure not to come to a “male men”? The hip skirt makes your body curve impeccable, but also attracts the man’s gaze, and can instantly make people’s heart beat faster! Hurry and see how to wear Let’s take it!
Recently, the TVN Korean drama “Why is the Golden Secretary”, which is just over, is still a familiar formula – “The overbearing president falls in love with me”, and the female owner has a good clothing to let her directly capture the heart of the man!
The female actor Park Min-ying is an actor of the Korean power. Apart from acting, her play in the play can be described as a textbook model of thousands of girls. All kinds of hip skirts are eye-catching, coming soon. If you wear it in the fall, you can also harvest the male god like the “Golden Secretary”!

In the play, Park Min-ying’s wear is worth learning and learning in both the workplace and the daily life. Standing behind the male master Park Sung-won, wearing a satin-white shirt with a camel-colored hip skirt, the body is exuding an intellectual femininity. Will not be shocked by Park Sung Joon’s powerful atmosphere celebrity dresses!
 Light and mature women’s brown long curly hair with the heart of the “sweet” makeup, coupled with a high ponytail, elegant and sexy immediately, plus a white shirt and camel bag hip skirt, and the hip skirt is the “Gold Secretary” Shows a perfect body curve.

 This body is also beautifully worn. The white shirt is matched with the blue bag hip skirt. It adds the design of the streamer, which brings a feeling of fairy. It is difficult to be gentle, the overall light color, woman. Full of flavor.
The simple and versatile white shirt appeared again, but this time with a pink bag hip skirt, with a gentle sense of youth, temperament and beauty, pink bag hip skirt is thin and will increase some youthful flavor, but also emit Charming charm!
Kim’s shirts are mostly designed with ribbons. This time, the pink shirt is chosen as the highlight. It is paired with a white bag hip skirt and a pair of gray high heels. The whole person is tall and thin, in the slightly cool autumn, so The wear is absolutely 100% in the street!
Park Min-ying’s wearing this dress is graceful and gas-filled. A white T-shirt with a hip skirt can make a sense of high-grade in minutes, plus a dark-colored windbreaker jacket. queen.
A chiffon white shirt with a solid color bag hip skirt, wearing a minute to change the male look, in the fall should come to a “斩 men’s clothing”, relying on simple items, can also easily concave fashion fan, walk in The street makes boys blush!
In fact, whether it is the workplace or go out, the hip skirt will be your best choice, professional and temperament, but also a big show S-shaped body.

Small powders are not rushing to get a “packed hip skirt”?